Oasis of Color project set to begin in April 2015

The Downtown Marion, Inc., Board of Directors is excited to announce a new initiative “Oasis of Color”. This project is a coordinated effort between DMI, the Goodwill Student Jobs Program, Rushmore Academy students and the Marion Community Foundation. Scattered throughout the downtown area are planters that are both rectangular and round that are going to be transformed into mini islands of color with flowers and plants that will add beauty to the streetscape. This project is set to begin … [Continue reading]

Project Paint the Town

Paint the Town

In November 2014, leadership of the First Church of the Nazarene in Marion, Ohio and representatives of Downtown Marion, Inc. began to research a concept aimed at the re-gentrification of neighborhoods in and around the downtown area. Simply stated, many homes in the core of Marion might be dramatically improved in appearance with fresh paint. The concept now known as “Paint the Town” is in the final planning stages and is scheduled to commence on May 2, 2015. In essence, the purpose behind … [Continue reading]

Downtown Marion, Inc., is now a Kroger Community Reward Partner

As a 501(c)3, non-profit organization, Downtown Marion, Inc. relies exclusively on donations and sponsorships to operate. On this website you will see the community partners who have graciously contributed to the revitalization efforts of this organization. Now we are excited to announce an opportunity for you to give without it costing you anything but the time it takes to register your Kroger Rewards Card with the Kroger Community Reward program and selecting Downtown Marion.  Here’s how it … [Continue reading]

What’s that buzzing sound you hear in the air?

It’s all the talk about what’s happening in Downtown Marion. The board of directors for Downtown Marion, Inc., is working hard to infuse life into the heart of our community. We believe that a strong heart (downtown) is essential to creating a strong community. So, if you hear about the acronym LoDo and wonder what […]

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Annual Sponsorship/Banner Promotion Kicks Off

The Sponsorship/Banner Promotion will be distributed during the month of April. The program is a great way for individuals and companies to become part of the revitalization efforts of DMI. For more information about how you can receive this packet get in touch through our Contact page.

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